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The Program

We created the perfect class suite to suit your needs on any given day.  Regardless of your goals we have it for you at Pure Motion Barre. We keep you engaged, keep your mind interested and your body evolving. Our variety of programs creates the perfect harmony of classes allowing for maximizing your results across Mind, Body and Soul. 

At Pure Motion Barre there are no two classes exactly alike, no two instructors alike.  We understand that everyone is different and our diversity across our studio lights up your class and keeps the spice of life. 

What you can count on -- after each class you will feel reinvigorated, and find a new sense of well being. 


Create long, lean, strong, sculpted muscles

Pure Motion Barre is proud to bring to you our own signature method of Barre, the Pure Motion Barre Technique. This method stems from the original Lotte Berk Method. 

This method combines the grace of ballet, the flow, flexibility and mindfulness  of yoga and the sculpting and core stabilizing strength of Pilates. Our class incorporates the belief in functional movement. This class stems from the power within.  Utilizing your own body weight, Pilates Toning Balls and small props you will  strengthen, tone, lengthen and sculpt your physique to a new defined YOU. Isometric holds are sprinkled through class to allow for quick and greater results. 

This class will shape you to a new form AND you'll have fun while doing it!


Best all around workout

Balance is Pure Motion Barre's newest signature class. 

This class is for those who are always on the go, go, go. Combining our most popular classes Barre, Restore, and Cardio infused in one perfectly wrapped class. 

This class is broken down to 20 minutes of high intensity cardio, 20 minutes of toning, sculpting  and strengthening then finished with 20 minutes of stretching and mindful breathing mediation.

The perfect well rounded 60 minutes that treats our mind, body and soul just right. PMB highly recommends knowledge of fitness and barre techniques before jumping into this class. 


Find your core strength and overall alignment

All body movements stem from the core. Learn how to articulate through the spine, engage your core to function and move through life with ease and control. This class is a basis for excelling in all other classes. This class is completed on your mat in relaxed form.


Sweat and Destress

One of our only class that is not PMB branded. We truly believe in Pound and its results. Channel your inner rockstar with this full-body cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, sweat dripping fun of playing the drums. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch calories and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique.


Increase your flexibility,  stretch your muscles and

find mindfulness

PMB welcomes the practice of the various disciplines of Yoga.  Our yoga practice follows our studio principals - There are no two bodies alike.  Regardless or Power,  Gentle, Vinyasa or Prenatal all our yoga classes are designed to meet you on your mat where you are today. 

We  recognize and value the safety and proper alignment of all movements. All classes offer the ability to modify or advance. 


Meditation Relaxation and Recovery

Reset, Recover, and Heal your mind, your body, your soul, your being. This class is designed to show yourself some love. This class is a must to add to your workout routine. Let your muscles relax, your mind ease and release any tension. Reset - Mind, Body and Soul.

So many classes and so little time..

So many great classes you want to attend but have little time? How do you know where to start? Everyone has different goals. What are yours? They can change day to day and week to week. Regardless, we have what you need . 

The secret sauce is to always mix it up and keep your balance.  We highly encourage 4 - 5 sessions per week depending on your goals. We recommend a combination of cardio, toning & sculpting, and recovery for stabilization. 

Start sampling our classes and start getting results 

What's Your Goal?

2 x  Balance / Pound

1 Private Session

 1 - 2 x Barre

1 x Meditation

Want to lose?

1-2x Barre

1  Private Session

1 x Pilates

1 x Meditation

Want to tone?

1-2x Yoga 

1 x Barre

1 x Pilates

1 x Meditation

Increase Flexibility