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We know with every new "thing" comes lots of questions. 

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My First Class

Do I have to create an online profile for my first visit?

Yes, we do request that all visitors create a Pure Motion Barre profile. This includes an electronic signature of our liability. This is a speedy process and very easy to do. Simply go to the "Book Your Class" page which will direct you to the MindBody Online Site. From here follow the prompts to create a profile and choose your class. 

 How do I know where I should start?  We recommend you start with a Private Barre Class. This will allow us to gauge where you at and  set a plan in place for you to reach optimal progress quickly.

What should I bring?

All our barre classes do require the wearing of barre "grippy" socks. These socks can be purchased in the studio or at most sporting good stores. We suggest bringing a water but that is all you will need! 

What should I wear?

Other than your barre "grippy" socks your attire is up to you. Just be comfortable. We suggest regular yoga clothing. 

I have never taken a barre class - is that okay?

Of course! We do suggest you start with a Private class. Our classes are designed to welcome the beginner.  No previous workout, dance, yoga or Pilates experience is required!

How long are the classes?

Our classes are all an hour in length unless you attend a Pressed class, which is for those on the go and are 45 minutes long.

Booking My Class 

Can I just show up in the studio and pay cash for my class?

We request that all classes are registered for in advance. This guarantees you a spot in class as we are a boutique studio and our classes can fill. We would hate for you to be disappointed!  Once you create your profile online registering for classes.  is simple!  If you'd like future classes can be purchased in the studio with cash but we do require all guests have a credit card on file to adhere to our cancellation policy. See cancellation policy. 

Should I book on the website or through the app?

We suggest that you set up your account on the website and save your credit card info there. For security purposes., your credit card will not save on the app until your profile is created. This will save you time in the future and allow for easy scheduling. 

How do I book a class?

Booking a class is easy! Follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Book Your Class" tab

2. You will be transferred to the MindBodyOnline Site

3.. Go to Classes / Schedule and choose your class

4.. From here, you will be prompted to either sign in or create an account.

5.. Please include your email and address.

6.. You will be prompted to electronically sign the studio waiver. 

Cancelling My Class

How do I cancel my class?

To cancel your class please go onto your Pure Motion Barre account and go to the MY INFO tab. From here click on MY SCHEDULE.


What happens if I book a class and do not show up?

If you book a class, we request you to kindly follow the cancellation policy.  We request that you unregister for class two hours prior to the class start time. If you do not unregister and do not show up you are considered a "late cancel/no show" and depending on your package you either lose your class or are charged a $10 fee as this would have taken up a spot that could have been utilized by another client. We kindly ask that you respect other clients by only registering for classes you will attend. 


What are my pricing options?

Please view our Pricing Page for all pricing options.

Can I share my 10 pass or membership with a friend or relative?

No. We always welcome you to bring a friend but all packages and passes are meant for the intended only. We welcome your friend to purchase their own class or passes. The more the merrier!

Can I extend my 10 pack pass or monthly membership?

No, sorry. All passes have an expiration date and can not be extended.  Please make special note of your expiration date at purchase and be sure to book yourself out. We would hate for you to be disheartened. 

Can I hold both a 10 pack and do the two classes a week?

Regretfully the MindBody system does not allow for holding multiple passes that can be used concurrently.  If you are looking to take another class within the same week and have used your two classes already you must purchase a single drop in class. 

Introduction Pass

Do you offer first class free?

We do not offer complementary classes but our unlimited Introduction Offer provides a great discounted opportunity to experience all our programs. 

When does my Introduction Pass Start?

Your pass starts the day you purchase the pass and runs for 14 days concurrently. These passes can not be returned, exchanged or extended.

Can I purchase an Introduction Pass more than once?

No, sorry. The Introduction Pass is for new clients only. We welcome you to chose from one of our many other membership options. 


Pregnancy and Injury

I am pregnant. Can I still attend a class?

Absolutely! We welcome you into Pure Motion Barre anytime, and what better time than during such a special sacred time. We do suggest that you book a private 1:1 Prenatal session with a Barre Master to discuss appropriate modifications for you on a more personal level.  These modifications will become easier throughout your pregnancy. Studies has shown the endless rewards of attending barre classes, especially Pure Motion Barre classes throughout pregnancy.  You will be stronger throughout your labor, have more energy, a stronger back for support of the baby, a toned body and so many other benefits. Your recovery will be quicker and overall you'll combat off to a great start on your motherhood journey.

I have had an injury. Can I still attend a barre class?

As long as you have been cleared by your doctor there is no reason to wait. Get moving today. You will actually find ​that barre classes are beneficial and have been suggested as the next step out of physical therapy. 


Do you offer childcare?

We do! We offer childcare two to three times a day - for our 9:30am (Monday - Friday) and our 4:30pm classes (Monday - Friday) as well as Saturday mornings. Childcare can fill quickly so we suggest grabbing your spot right away.

Is childcare free?

Childcare is FREE for members only. We do require a small fee for non members. See the pricing page for details.

How many children are allowed in childcare at one time?

Our childcare follows all state laws.  We cap our childcare at 5 children to one adult. 

Who provides your childcare?

Our childcare providers are carefully selected.  All are over 18 years of age, have had a criminal background check, references checked, and most importantly, they love children. Most are also studio clients who you will see in your classes. 

Am I allowed to bring my child a snack?

Yes. ​We do allow for a snack and drink under certain conditions. We are a nut free zone so please no peanuts or peanut butter products. Also, all drinks must be in a spill proof cup.  

I am not sure how my child will do. Any suggestions?

We suggest that you come a few minutes early to get your child settled. You can bring in anything that is of comfort to the little one. We have found that an IPad with apps they love works well too. However, once class starts we request that you refrain from checking in on your child during class. This is disruptive to other fellow clients and can actually cause anxiety in the children.  Likewise, we ask that you stay until the completion of class as the childcare room is on the opposite end of the studio and would require disruption of our cool down. 

How do I register two children for childcare?

Just like your account, you will need to create accounts for each child in their own name. You can link your credit card to their account and purchase childcare for them individually because of our state limits both children MUST always be registered in advance. 

Can I walk in to childcare?

No. Our childcare requires at least a two hour notice. Same as classes.

What if I signed up and can no longer make childcare?

Our policy is the same as with classes. We require a two hour notice. If you do not unregister you lose your childcare and are charged a $10 fee.  This means our provider was here waiting for you and still gets paid.

Finding my Balance

How often should I workout? When will I see results?

Our most commonly asked question. Of course everyone is slightly different ,and it all depends on what you are looking to achieve. It all depends where you are starting from. If you are new to working out, or a notable  It does matter. Age matters as well - are you 18 or 62?  Our physical make up helps determine the answer to this question. This is why we highly recommend starting with a private class. 

We have found that our clients are typically looking for the same thing in one form or another - Lose a few pounds, gain flexibility, tone and strengthen, tighten, mental well being and balance. 

We suggest 4-5 classes per week, consistently. The key is to commit to yourself and stay on track. We find this method provides the optimal results. We suggest finding balance within our classes. Mix it up, keep the body working and your mind interested. Try different classes and different instructors. It creates the spice of life and keeps the body from plateauing. Our classes offer all you need in one place. There is no reason to go anywhere else. 

Our concept will show in your results. Still not convinced? Go to google and search for "The Benefits of Barre" and you will find numerous articles on the topic.

We look forward to seeing you at the Barre!


How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist comes into effect when a class becomes full. We highly encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist if a class is full. Typically you will make in. You will be notified via email or text (depending on the preferences you set when creating your profile) up until an hour before class. Once on the waitlist you should consider yourself IN class. 

What if my plans change and I can not attend class any longer but I am on the waitlist?

You must unregister and take yourself off the waitlist. This allows the next guest to move ahead.  

What if I do not unregister and do not show up after I have cleared the waitlist?

Once you are cleared from the waitlist you are considered in class and all cancellation rules and fees apply.  

How do I opt-in to receive notifications?

Log onto your account and go to "MY INFO" and select your preferences. 

Private Classes

Do you offer private classes?

We do offer private 1:1 classes or classes  and semi private class. We highly encourage all our clients to attend at least one private class a week or a month to continue to excel and discuss your goals.

How do I sign up for a private session or a prenatal session?

You can call or email ( to register for your private 1:1 prenatal session. Cost of this 90 minute prenatal is $85.00. This class is an individualized class geared specifically for you. 

Gift Certificates

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be purchased in three ways. 

1. Go onto and choose your option. You can email the gift certificate or print it out to redeem in studio. 

2. Call the studio at 781.936.3128 and process your gift card over the phone. A personalized pretty git card will be mailed to you or your recipient. Please note a shipping & handling fee of $10.00 applies to all orders.udio

3. Purchase in the studio during regular studio hours. 

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

All gift cards must be redeemed in person or over the phone. All gift cards must be used before their expiration date. Sorry, but no exceptions can be made. Any remaining balance for a purchase must be completed at the time of purchase.